Drink Master

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Drink Master


Player: 1

  • Click and hold to pour a drink.

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Drink Master description

Have you always dreamt of working as a bartender? Do you consider perfectly poured cocktails and drinks to be your life goal? Look no further than Drink Master! This HTML5 web game allows you to showcase your bartending skills and create the perfect cocktail. Pour the liquor, add an ice cube, and impress everyone with your mixology prowess.

Become a Drink Master:

Drink Master offers a variety of levels, each presenting a new challenge and increasing difficulty. As you progress, you'll mix a wide range of cocktails using colorful bottles and ice cubes, elevating you from a common bartender to a true drink master.

How to Play:

This addictive and straightforward game allows you to experiment with different colored drinks, creating refreshing and unique compositions. Let your imagination run wild - mixing beer with beer? No problem! Your goal is to mix drinks perfectly, staying within the set limit.

Key Features:

  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty, providing a challenging experience for aspiring drink masters.
  • Mix a variety of cocktails using colorful bottles and ice cubes, showcasing your creativity and skill.
  • Enjoy the addictive gameplay of this simple yet engaging game, perfect for casual play and bartending enthusiasts.
  • Playable on any device thanks to HTML5 technology, allowing you to become a drink master anywhere, anytime.

Drink Master is the ultimate game for anyone passionate about mixology and bartending. With its wide range of levels, addictive gameplay, and opportunities for creativity, this free online game is suitable for players of all ages. Embrace your inner bartender, mix the perfect drinks, and become a true drink master. Play now and let the cocktails flow!


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