Hotel Tycoon Empire

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Hotel Tycoon Empire


Player: 1

  • Click to earn money and upgrade.

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Hotel Tycoon Empire description

Experience the thrill of running your own hotel empire in Hotel Tycoon Empire, an addictive and engaging HTML5 web game. Start from humble beginnings as a small motel and work your way up to become the owner of a grand hotel empire. Make strategic business decisions, hire employees, expand your hotel, and ensure the satisfaction of your customers to achieve success.

In this captivating tycoon and idle clicker game, you'll tap and click your way to greatness. Expand your hotel from the 1st floor to the 10th and beyond, making each room bigger and better as you grow your business. Create additional amenities like a gym, swimming pool, café, restaurant, casino, and spa to cater to the diverse needs of your guests.

Build and Customize Your Hotel Empire:

  • Hire Smart Employees: Manage a team of dedicated staff members, from receptionists to gym instructors, baristas to waiters, and cleaning staff to casino managers. Each employee plays a crucial role in the growth of your hotel empire.
  • Run Daily Operations: Enhance various aspects of your hotel, such as the gym, swimming pool, café, restaurant, casino, spa, and massage centers. Organize special tours, offer exciting activities, and provide top-notch services to keep your guests happy.
  • Customize Your Hotel: Unlock a wide range of items and decorations to personalize your hotel. Earn rewards and progress quickly by expanding your business efficiently.
  • Prestige: When your business slows down, take the opportunity to prestige. Reset your progress and unlock additional exciting elements of the game, giving you a boost in your incremental and idle clicker journey.

Immerse yourself in the world of hotel management and become a true Hotel Tycoon Empire. This game offers endless hours of entertainment and strategic gameplay for players of all ages. Thanks to HTML5 technology, you can enjoy this free online game on any device, making it accessible to everyone. Start your journey today and build the hotel empire of your dreams!


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