Jack-O Gunner

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Jack-O Gunner


Player: 1

  • Tap and move your finger to move the character

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Jack-O Gunner description

Step into a spooky Halloween adventure with Jack-O Gunner, a thrilling HTML5 web game that combines action and survival. In this game, you'll face hordes of skeletons as you aim to survive and upgrade your skills in a race against time.

Jack-O Gunner is a free online game that offers an exciting and addictive gameplay experience. Armed with your trusty gun, you must eliminate all the skeletons that come your way. The game features a Halloween theme, immersing you in a chilling atmosphere filled with eerie visuals and haunting sound effects.

Survive and Upgrade:

In Jack-O Gunner, your objective is to survive for as long as possible while facing wave after wave of skeletons. As you progress, you'll earn points that can be used to upgrade your skills and unlock powerful abilities. These upgrades will help you become more efficient and increase your chances of survival.

The game also features exciting drops that provide you with additional weapons and power-ups to aid you in your battle against the skeletons. Stay alert and seize these opportunities to gain an advantage and prolong your survival.

With its addictive gameplay and numerous upgrades, Jack-O Gunner guarantees hours of entertainment and challenge. Test your reflexes, strategic thinking, and shooting skills as you strive to achieve the highest score and become the ultimate Jack-O Gunner.

Key Features:

  • Halloween Action: Immerse yourself in a thrilling Halloween-themed adventure, complete with spooky visuals and haunting sound effects.
  • Survival Gameplay: Face endless waves of skeletons and test your skills as you aim to survive for as long as possible.
  • Upgradeable Skills: Earn points to upgrade your skills and unlock powerful abilities that will help you become more efficient in eliminating skeletons.
  • Exciting Drops: Discover drops that provide additional weapons and power-ups, giving you an edge in your battle against the skeletons.
  • Free Online Game: Jack-O Gunner is a free web platform game that you can play directly in your browser, offering convenience and accessibility.

Join the adrenaline-pumping action of Jack-O Gunner and put your shooting skills to the test. This game is suitable for players of all ages and can be enjoyed on any device, thanks to its HTML5 technology. Get ready to face the Halloween challenge and show off your survival skills in Jack-O Gunner!


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