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Player: 1

  • Direct the player with your mouse.
  • Get close to a player and Click to kill them.

Other similar games description is one of the most interesting games that can be a way of relaxing your mind and challenging yourself simultaneously.

You are in the arena with multiple players, each one of them is a different superhero and level.

Your task is to collect gems and kill other players to upgrade into stronger superheroes.

As you upgrade you can be IronMan, Black Panther, Captain America, Spiderman, and other amazing superheroes.

Be careful to not be killed by stronger players.

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Studies say that individuals who play video games experience decrease in tension, depression and anger.

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Playing before exams will help you be more focused during them

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Playing action games trains people to make the right decisions faster. Surgeons that play games make 37% less errors than their colleagues.

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